2. Absolutely gorgeous!


Heather had spent all morning baking a cake. It was a chocolate cake. She was having friends (and her sister-in-law, Kitty) around for afternoon tea.

The guests arrived. Heather was in the kitchen preparing the afternoon tea, while Kitty entertained the guests.

“Absolutely gorgeous!” seemed to be the phrase Kitty most used to describe everything she’d seen and done. She’d travelled overseas and seen this and that. “Absolutely gorgeous!”

She’d seen a famous film star in the distance. “Absolutely gorgeous!”

She’d watched the sunset from her beach cottage. “Absolutely gorgeous!”

Heather brought out a tray with tea and coffee, cream and sugar. Kitty dashed into the kitchen.

Out came Kitty with the triumphant chocolate cake. “Who would like a slice?”

“Absolutely gorgeous!” exclaimed everyone. “How do you do it, Kitty?”

Kitty purred.

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